Virgil Dupras committed fee1af0

Removed the "fairware dialog" part of registration.

There's still the demo dialog, but as soon as the fairware mode is enabled,
we don't fetch fairware hours, we don't show any other dialog.

"fairware mode" now means "free mode".

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 # which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at 
-import sys
 import re
 from hashlib import md5
-import json
-from urllib.request import urlopen, URLError
-from urllib.parse import urlencode
-from http.client import HTTPException
-import logging
-import socket
 from .trans import trget
 class InvalidCodeError(Exception):
     """The supplied code is invalid."""
-FAIRWARE_PROMPT = tr("{name} is Fairware, which means \"open source software developed with "
-"expectation of fair contributions from users\". Hours have been invested in this software with "
-"the expectation that users will be fair enough to compensate them. The \"Unpaid hours\" figure "
-"you see below is the hours that have yet to be compensated for this project."
-"If you like this application, please make a contribution that you consider fair. Thanks!"
-"If you cannot afford to contribute, you can either ignore this reminder or send an e-mail at "
-" so I can send you a registration key."
-"This dialog doesn't show when there are no unpaid hours or when you have a valid contribution key.")
 DEMO_PROMPT = tr("{name} is fairware, which means \"open source software developed with expectation "
 "of fair contributions from users\". It's a very interesting concept, but one year of fairware has "
 "shown that most people just want to know how much it costs and not be bothered with theories "
     # set_default(key_name, value)
     # setup_as_registered()
     # show_message(msg)
-    # show_fairware_nag(prompt)
     # show_demo_nag(prompt)
     # open_url(url)
         if not self.registered:
             if self.view.get_default('FairwareMode'):
                 self.fairware_mode = True
-            if self.fairware_mode:
-                if self.should_show_fairware_reminder:
-                    prompt = FAIRWARE_PROMPT.format(name=self.PROMPT_NAME)
-                    self.view.show_fairware_nag(prompt)
-            else:
+            if not self.fairware_mode:
                 prompt = DEMO_PROMPT.format(name=self.PROMPT_NAME, limitation=self.DEMO_LIMITATION)
             return False
     def register_os(self):
-        if not self.registered:
-            return
-        url = ''
-        data = {'email': self.registration_email, 'osname': sys.platform}
-        encoded = bytes(urlencode(data), encoding='ascii')
-        try:
-            urlopen(url, data=encoded)
-        except URLError:
-            pass
+        # We don't do that anymore.
+        pass
     def contribute(self):
     def unpaid_hours(self):
-        if self._unpaid_hours is None:
-            url = '{}'.format(self.appid)
-            try:
-                # The timeout is there to avoid delaying the launching of the app too much. Ideally,
-                # this operation should be async, but that's for another time.
-                # XXX Make unpaid hours fetching (and display of fairware dialog) async.
-                connection = urlopen(url, timeout=5)
-                response = str(, 'latin-1')
-                self._unpaid_hours = json.loads(response)
-                connection.close()
-            except (URLError, HTTPException, socket.error, ValueError): # ValueError is for json.loads()
-                logging.warning("Couldn't connect to")
-                self._unpaid_hours = 0
-        return self._unpaid_hours
+        # We don't bother verifying unpaid hours anymore, the only app that still has fairware
+        # dialogs is dupeGuru and it has a huge surplus. Now, "fairware mode" really means
+        # "free mode".
+        return 0