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# Created By: Virgil Dupras
# Created On: 2011-01-12
# Copyright 2012 Hardcoded Software (
# This software is licensed under the "BSD" License as described in the "LICENSE" file, 
# which should be included with this package. The terms are also available at 

import os.path as op
import re

from .build import print_and_do, read_changelog_file, filereplace

{version} ({date})


def tixgen(tixurl):
    """This is a filter *generator*. tixurl is a url pattern for the tix with a {0} placeholder
    for the tix #
    urlpattern = tixurl.format('\\1') # will be replaced buy the content of the first group in re
    R = re.compile(r'#(\d+)')
    repl = '`#\\1 <{}>`__'.format(urlpattern)
    return lambda text: R.sub(repl, text)

def gen(basepath, destpath, changelogpath, tixurl, confrepl=None, confpath=None, changelogtmpl=None):
    """Generate sphinx docs with all bells and whistles.
    basepath: The base sphinx source path.
    destpath: The final path of html files
    changelogpath: The path to the changelog file to insert in changelog.rst.
    tixurl: The URL (with one formattable argument for the tix number) to the ticket system.
    confrepl: Dictionary containing replacements that have to be made in {name: replacement}
    if confrepl is None:
        confrepl = {}
    if confpath is None:
        confpath = op.join(basepath, 'conf.tmpl')
    if changelogtmpl is None:
        changelogtmpl = op.join(basepath, 'changelog.tmpl')
    changelog = read_changelog_file(changelogpath)
    tix = tixgen(tixurl)
    rendered_logs = []
    for log in changelog:
        description = tix(log['description'])
        # The format of the changelog descriptions is in markdown, but since we only use bulled list
        # and links, it's not worth depending on the markdown package. A simple regexp suffice.
        description = re.sub(r'\[(.*?)\]\((.*?)\)', '`\\1 <\\2>`__', description)
        rendered = CHANGELOG_FORMAT.format(version=log['version'], date=log['date_str'],
    confrepl['version'] = changelog[0]['version']
    changelog_out = op.join(basepath, 'changelog.rst')
    filereplace(changelogtmpl, changelog_out, changelog='\n'.join(rendered_logs))
    conf_out = op.join(basepath, '')
    filereplace(confpath, conf_out, **confrepl)
    cmd = 'sphinx-build "{}" "{}"'.format(basepath, destpath)