hscommon /

Full commit
import os
import os.path as op
import shutil
import re

import polib

from . import pygettext
from .util import modified_after, dedupe, ensure_folder, ensure_file
from .build import print_and_do, ensure_empty_folder, copy


def get_langs(folder):
    return [name for name in os.listdir(folder) if op.isdir(op.join(folder, name))]

def files_with_ext(folder, ext):
    return [op.join(folder, fn) for fn in os.listdir(folder) if fn.endswith(ext)]

def generate_pot(folders, outpath, keywords):
    pyfiles = []
    for folder in folders:
        for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(folder):
            keep = [fn for fn in filenames if fn.endswith('.py')]
            pyfiles += [op.join(root, fn) for fn in keep]
    pygettext.main(pyfiles, outpath=outpath, keywords=keywords)

def compile_all_po(base_folder):
    langs = get_langs(base_folder)
    for lang in langs:
        pofolder = op.join(base_folder, lang, LC_MESSAGES)
        pofiles = files_with_ext(pofolder, '.po')
        for pofile in pofiles:
            p = polib.pofile(pofile)
            p.save_as_mofile(pofile[:-3] + '.mo')

def merge_locale_dir(target, mergeinto):
    langs = get_langs(target)
    for lang in langs:
        if not op.exists(op.join(mergeinto, lang)):
        mofolder = op.join(target, lang, LC_MESSAGES)
        mofiles = files_with_ext(mofolder, '.mo')
        for mofile in mofiles:
            shutil.copy(mofile, op.join(mergeinto, lang, LC_MESSAGES))

def merge_pots_into_pos(folder):
    # We're going to take all pot files in `folder` and for each lang, merge it with the po file
    # with the same name.
    potfiles = files_with_ext(folder, '.pot')
    for potfile in potfiles:
        refpot = polib.pofile(potfile)
        refname = op.splitext(op.basename(potfile))[0]
        for lang in get_langs(folder):
            po = polib.pofile(op.join(folder, lang, LC_MESSAGES, refname + '.po'))

#--- Cocoa
def all_lproj_paths(folder):
    return files_with_ext(folder, '.lproj')

def escape_cocoa_strings(s):
    return s.replace('\\', '\\\\').replace('"', '\\"').replace('\n', '\\n')

def unescape_cocoa_strings(s):
    return s.replace('\\\\', '\\').replace('\\"', '"').replace('\\n', '\n')

def strings2pot(target, dest):
    with open(target, 'rt', encoding='utf-8') as fp:
        contents =
    # We're reading an en.lproj file. We only care about the righthand part of the translation.
    re_trans = re.compile(r'".*" = "(.*)";')
    strings = re_trans.findall(contents)
    po = polib.pofile(dest)
    for s in dedupe(strings):
        s = unescape_cocoa_strings(s)
        entry = po.find(s)
        if entry is None:
            entry = polib.POEntry(msgid=s)
        # we don't know or care about a line number so we put 0
        entry.occurrences.append((target, '0'))
        entry.occurrences = dedupe(entry.occurrences)

def allstrings2pot(lprojpath, dest, excludes=None):
    allstrings = files_with_ext(lprojpath, '.strings')
    if excludes:
        allstrings = [p for p in allstrings if op.splitext(op.basename(p))[0] not in excludes]
    for strings_path in allstrings:
        strings2pot(strings_path, dest)

def po2strings(pofile, en_strings, dest):
    # Takes en_strings and replace all righthand parts of "foo" = "bar"; entries with translations
    # in pofile, then puts the result in dest.
    po = polib.pofile(pofile)
    if not modified_after(pofile, dest):
    print("Creating {} from {}".format(dest, pofile))
    with open(en_strings, 'rt', encoding='utf-8') as fp:
        contents =
    re_trans = re.compile(r'(?<= = ").*(?=";\n)')
    def repl(match):
        s =
        unescaped = unescape_cocoa_strings(s)
        entry = po.find(unescaped)
        if entry is None:
            print("WARNING: Could not find entry '{}' in .po file".format(s))
            return s
        trans = entry.msgstr
        return escape_cocoa_strings(trans) if trans else s
    contents = re_trans.sub(repl, contents)
    with open(dest, 'wt', encoding='utf-8') as fp:

def generate_cocoa_strings_from_code(code_folder, dest_folder):
    # Uses the "genstrings" command to generate strings file from all .m files in "code_folder".
    # The strings file (their name depends on the localization table used in the source) will be
    # placed in "dest_folder".
    # genstrings produces utf-16 files with comments. After having generated the files, we convert
    # them to utf-8 and remove the comments.
    print_and_do('genstrings -o "{}" `find "{}" -name *.m | xargs`'.format(dest_folder, code_folder))
    for stringsfile in os.listdir(dest_folder):
        stringspath = op.join(dest_folder, stringsfile)
        with open(stringspath, 'rt', encoding='utf-16') as fp:
            content =
        content = re.sub('/\*.*?\*/', '', content)
        content = re.sub('\n{2,}', '\n', content)
        # I have no idea why, but genstrings seems to have problems with "%" character in strings
        # and inserts (number)$ after it. Find these bogus inserts and remove them.
        content = re.sub('%\d\$', '%', content)
        with open(stringspath, 'wt', encoding='utf-8') as fp:

def build_cocoa_localizations(app, en_stringsfile=op.join('cocoa', 'en.lproj', 'Localizable.strings')):
    # Creates .lproj folders with Localizable.strings and cocoalib.strings based on cocoalib.po and
    # ui.po for all available languages as well as base strings files in en.lproj. These lproj
    # folders are created in `app`'s (a OSXAppStructure) resource folder.
    print("Creating lproj folders based on .po files")
    en_cocoastringsfile = op.join('cocoalib', 'en.lproj', 'cocoalib.strings')
    for lang in get_langs('locale'):
        pofile = op.join('locale', lang, 'LC_MESSAGES', 'ui.po')
        dest_lproj = op.join(app.resources, lang + '.lproj')
        po2strings(pofile, en_stringsfile, op.join(dest_lproj, 'Localizable.strings'))
        pofile = op.join('cocoalib', 'locale', lang, 'LC_MESSAGES', 'cocoalib.po')
        po2strings(pofile, en_cocoastringsfile, op.join(dest_lproj, 'cocoalib.strings'))
    # We also have to copy the "en.lproj" strings
    en_lproj = op.join(app.resources, 'en.lproj')
    copy(en_stringsfile, en_lproj)
    copy(en_cocoastringsfile, en_lproj)