Virgil Dupras avatar Virgil Dupras committed 1f9c40b

Added the UAH and LTL currencies.

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 JMD = Currency.register('JMD', 'Jamaican dollar', fallback_rate=0.01413)
 KRW = Currency.register('KRW', 'South Korean won', exponent=0, fallback_rate=0.000944)
 LKR = Currency.register('LKR', 'Sri Lanka rupee', fallback_rate=0.00919)
+LTL = Currency.register('LTL', 'Lithuanian litas', fallback_rate=0.3850)
 MAD = Currency.register('MAD', 'Moroccan dirham', fallback_rate=0.136)
 MMK = Currency.register('MMK', 'Myanmar (Burma) kyat')
 MXN = Currency.register('MXN', 'Mexican peso', fallback_rate=0.0953)
 TND = Currency.register('TND', 'Tunisian dinar', exponent=3, fallback_rate=0.8516)
 TRL = Currency.register('TRL', 'Turkish lira', exponent=0)       # obsolete
 TWD = Currency.register('TWD', 'Taiwanese new dollar', fallback_rate=0.03246)
+UAH = Currency.register('UAH', 'Ukrainian hryvnia', fallback_rate=0.1266)
 VEB = Currency.register('VEB', 'Venezuelan bolivar', exponent=0)    # obsolete
 VEF = Currency.register('VEF', 'Venezuelan bolivar fuerte', fallback_rate=0.4609)
 VND = Currency.register('VND', 'Vietnamese dong', fallback_rate=6.1e-05)
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