Virgil Dupras committed 06d9eab

On Cocoa, minimal Python version is now 3.3 and i386 support is dropped

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         os.symlink('../build/Python', versioned_dylib_path)
     # The rest is standard WAF code that you can find the the python and macapp demos.
     conf.load('compiler_c python')
-    conf.check_python_version((3,2,0))
+    conf.check_python_version((3,3,0))
     conf.env.FRAMEWORK_COCOA = 'Cocoa'
-    conf.env.ARCH_COCOA = ['i386', 'x86_64']
+    conf.env.ARCH_COCOA = ['x86_64']
     conf.env.MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET = '10.6'
     # Add cocoalib dir to the framework search path so we can find Sparkle.
     conf.env.CFLAGS = ['-F'+op.abspath('../cocoalib'), '-F'+op.abspath('../psmtabbarcontrol')]
         if path:
-    project_src = sum([folder.ant_glob('*.m' % folder) for folder in project_folders], [])
+    project_src = sum([folder.ant_glob('*.m') for folder in project_folders], [])
     # Compile
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