Virgil Dupras avatar Virgil Dupras committed 87bfd17

Fixed debian packaging

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-	chmod +x src/
+	chmod +x src/
 	cp -R src/ $(CURDIR)/debian/moneyguru/usr/local/share/moneyguru
 	cp $(CURDIR)/debian/moneyguru.desktop $(CURDIR)/debian/moneyguru/usr/share/applications
-	ln -s /usr/local/share/moneyguru/ $(CURDIR)/debian/moneyguru/usr/local/bin/moneyguru
+	ln -s /usr/local/share/moneyguru/ $(CURDIR)/debian/moneyguru/usr/local/bin/moneyguru
 # Build architecture-independent files here.
     destpath = op.join('build', 'moneyguru-{0}'.format(MoneyGuru.VERSION))
     srcpath = op.join(destpath, 'src')
-    os.makedirs(destpath)
-    shutil.copytree('qt', srcpath)
-    copy_packages(['hscommon', 'hsgui', 'core', 'qtlib', 'hsutil'], srcpath)
+    os.makedirs(srcpath)
+    shutil.copy('', op.join(srcpath, ''))
+    copy_packages(['qt', 'hscommon', 'hsgui', 'core', 'qtlib', 'hsutil'], srcpath)
     import sip, PyQt4, sgmllib
     shutil.copy(sip.__file__, srcpath)
     qtsrcpath = op.dirname(PyQt4.__file__)
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