Virgil Dupras avatar Virgil Dupras committed bc79efa

Fixed crash on split editing under Qt for a lack of "completable_edit" attribute in the model.

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     def __init__(self, transaction_panel):
         GUITable.__init__(self, document=transaction_panel.mainwindow.document)
         self.panel = transaction_panel
-        self.mainwindow = transaction_panel.mainwindow # CompletableEdit on Qt requires a mainwindow member
+        self.completable_edit = self.panel.completable_edit
     #--- Override
     def _do_add(self):


         MainWindowPanel.__init__(self, mainwindow)
         self.transaction = Transaction(
         self._selected_splits = []
+        # completable_edit has to be set before split_table is created because split table fetches
+        # our completable edit on __init__ (for Qt).
+        self.completable_edit = CompletableEdit(mainwindow)
         self.split_table = SplitTable(self)
-        self.completable_edit = CompletableEdit(mainwindow)
     def change_split(self, split, account_name, amount, memo):
         if account_name:
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