Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Virgil Dupras
Applied some more suggestions from mak.
Virgil Dupras
Fixed test order in xpcshell.ini.
Virgil Dupras
Made adjustments suggested by :mak after review.
Virgil Dupras
Changed the indent size from 4 to 2.
Virgil Dupras
Fixed bug #801450 by preventing a situation where the parser's frame array would be empty.
Virgil Dupras
Added automated tests for bug #801415
Jonathan Kew
bug 794038 followup - add #include "nsIPresShell.h" to to avoid relying on fragile indirect inclusion. rs=Ms2ger
Ryan VanderMeulen
Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
Aryeh Gregor
Bug 802069 follow-up - Fix alignment; r=nobody
Michal Novotny
Bug 771832 - File not found error for HTTP URL, can be fixed by a forced reload, r=hurley
Guillermo López
Bug 794011 - Add 'sessionEnded' to nsIDOMUSSDReceivedEvent. r=mounir
Fernando Jiménez
Bug 793189 - MMI Codes: get IMEI. Part 2 - Tests;r=marshall_law
Fernando Jiménez
Bug 793189 - MMI Codes: get IMEI. Part 1 - RIL; r=marshall_law
Aryeh Gregor
Bug 802069 - Make "macintosh" the canonical name of its encoding, not "x-mac-roman"; r=smontagu
Aryeh Gregor
Bug 802059 - Implement labels for existing encodings from the encoding spec; r=smontagu
Lucas Rocha
Bug 798942 - Fix "Open in New Tab" for bookmarks in reading list folder (r=mfinkle)
Randell Jesup
Bug 801843: Change how video frames are inserted into getUserMedia streams to remove blocking r=roc,anant
Jonathan Kew
bug 801277 - prevent the resizer graphic being scaled by page zoom. r=roc
Jonathan Kew
bug 801418 - use perl to avoid sed cmd-line errors generated by MOZ_POST_STAGING_COMMAND during 'make package' for mobile. r=mwu
Matt Woodrow
Bug 802321 - Don't compare geometry objects for inactive layers. r=roc
Matt Woodrow
Bug 802321 - Use FuzzyEquals to compare matrices in LayerTreeInvalidation. r=roc
Matt Woodrow
Bug 801784 - Only add invalidate children state flags up to the nearest display root. r=roc
Richard Newman
Bug 801225 - Cleanup and restructuring of Android services code to support product announcements feature. r=nalexander
Eric Chou
Bug 799452 - patch 2: Parse PUT request header, r=qdot
Eric Chou
Bug 799452 - Patch 1: Send a system message to notify 'receiving file confirmation', r=qdot
Alexander Surkov
Bug 637578 - Expose explict-name object attribute, r=tbsaunde
Phil Ringnalda
Bug 799332 - Set a high urlclassifier.updateinterval to match the one in so that we're unlikely to leak background safebrowsing updates by doing them at the wrong time, r=dbaron
Daniel Holbert
Bug 802458: Remove useless "NS_SUCCEEDED(rv)" in icon/gtk/nsIconChannel.cpp, and declare rv down where it's used. r=karlt
Fabrice Desré
Bug 801987 - [OTA update] system notification never reappears after dismissing "Later" and then force updating [r=marshall]
Justin Lebar
Bug 800170 - Modify mozbrowser's getScreenshot() so it takes max-width, max-height parameters. r=smaug
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