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This package contains the source for musicGuru. To learns how to build it, refer to the "Build musicGuru" section. Below is the description of the various subfolders:

- core: Contains the core logic code for musicGuru. It's Python code written in TDD style.
- cocoa: UI code for the Cocoa toolkit. It's Objective-C code.
- qt: UI code for the Qt toolkit. It's written in Python and uses PyQt. Before redistributing changes in this part of the code, read the "qt/WARNING" file.
- images: Images used by the different UI codebases.
- data: Data used by the different UI codebases.
- currency_server: Code used for

There are also other sub-folder that comes from external repositories (automatically checked out
with svn:externals):

- hscommon: Code common to HS apps, yet not common enough to be called "hsutil"
- cocoalib: A collection of helpers used across Cocoa UI codebases of HS applications.
- qtlib: A collection of helpers used across Qt UI codebases of HS applications.

musicGuru Dependencies

Before being able to build musicGuru, a few dependencies have to be installed:

General dependencies

- Python 3.1 (
- hsaudiotag3k 1.1.1 (
- jobprogress (
- PyYaml, for help files and the build system. (
- Markdown, for help files. (
- py.test 2.0, to run unit tests. (

OS X prerequisites

- XCode 3.1 (
- Sparkle (
- PyObjC 2.3. (
- py2app 0.5.4 (

Windows prerequisites

- PyQt 4.6 (
- cx_Freeze, if you want to build a exe. You don’t need it if you just want to run musicGuru. (
- Advanced Installer, if you want to build the installer file. (

Building musicGuru

First, make sure you meet the dependencies listed in the section above. Then you need to configure your build with:

If you want, you can specify a UI to use with the `--ui` option. So, if you want to build musicGuru with Qt on OS X, then you have to type `python --ui=qt`. You can also use the `--dev` flag to indicate a dev build (it will build `mg_cocoa.plugin` in alias mode).

Then, just build the thing and then run it with:


If you want to create ready-to-upload package, run:


Recent activity

Virgil Dupras

Commits by Virgil Dupras were pushed to hsoft/musicguru

e0aa584 - Modernized codebase to adapt to the latest changes in hscommon. Fixed imports (hsutil --> hscommon, hscommon.job --> jobprogress), converted changelog format.
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