Virgil Dupras avatar Virgil Dupras committed 549d56b

Fixed a bug where pyref arguments were over-decref'ed and made instances created through ObjP_classInstanceWithRef non-retaining.

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     TypeSpec(object, 'id', 'ObjP_obj_o2p(%s)', 'ObjP_obj_p2o(%s)'),
     TypeSpec(list, 'NSArray *', 'ObjP_list_o2p(%s)', 'ObjP_list_p2o(%s)'),
     TypeSpec(dict, 'NSDictionary *', 'ObjP_dict_o2p(%s)', 'ObjP_dict_p2o(%s)'),
-    TypeSpec(pyref, 'PyObject *', '%s', '%s'),
+    TypeSpec(pyref, 'PyObject *', 'ObjP_pyref_o2p(%s)', '%s'),
 PYTYPE2SPEC = {ts.pytype: ts for ts in TYPE_SPECS}
 PyObject* ObjP_list_o2p(NSArray *list);
 NSDictionary* ObjP_dict_p2o(PyObject *pDict);
 PyObject* ObjP_dict_o2p(NSDictionary *dict);
+PyObject* ObjP_pyref_o2p(PyObject *pyref);
 #import "ObjP.h"
+/* Returns the python class `className` in `inModule`.
+   If inModule is nil, look for class in __main__.
 PyObject* ObjP_findPythonClass(NSString *className, NSString *inModule)
     PyObject *pModule, *pClass;
     return pClass;
+/* Return a class `className` instantiated with `ref` as a reference objc class.
+   `ref` will *not* be retained by the python class.
 PyObject* ObjP_classInstanceWithRef(NSString *className, NSString *inModule, id ref)
     PyObject *pClass, *pRefCapsule, *pResult;
     pRefCapsule = PyCapsule_New(ref, NULL, NULL);
-    pResult = PyObject_CallFunctionObjArgs(pClass, pRefCapsule, NULL);
+    pResult = PyObject_CallFunctionObjArgs(pClass, pRefCapsule, Py_False, NULL);
     return pResult;
+/* We can use pyref as is, but in all other o2p code, we expect to have to decref the result,
+   so in pyrefs case, we have to incref our pyref before returning it.
+PyObject* ObjP_pyref_o2p(PyObject *pyref)
+    Py_INCREF(pyref);
+    return pyref;
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