Virgil Dupras committed cb98254

Removed buggy dead code.

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             ('actionQuit', 'Ctrl+Q', '', tr("Quit"), self.quitTriggered),
             ('actionShowHelp', 'F1', '', tr("PdfMasher Help"), self.showHelpTriggered),
             ('actionAbout', '', '', tr("About PdfMasher"), self.showAboutBoxTriggered),
-            ('actionRegister', '', '', tr("Register PdfMasher"), self.registerTriggered),
             ('actionCheckForUpdate', '', '', tr("Check for Update"), self.checkForUpdateTriggered),
             ('actionOpenDebugLog', '', '', tr("Open Debug Log"), self.openDebugLogTriggered),
     def quitTriggered(self):
-    def registerTriggered(self):
-        self.reg.ask_for_code()
     def showAboutBoxTriggered(self):
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