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pictures please

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I love the flexibility of this tool. But my first attempt with it was not that successful because pdfmasher simply ignores the pictures. It would be really nice if we could add pictures to the generated epub

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  1. Virgil Dupras repo owner

    Relevant comment received from email:

    The only thing which I miss are the figures. The figures itselft
    are discarded by the program and of course the text to the figures is often
    spread all over the place. Thus, I simply get rid of it all. But it would be great
    if the user can declare smth as the figure and the figure subtext.
    so that in the end it is shown on one page or at least combined on several.
    If you could add that feature, pdfmasher would be close to perfection.
    Since I am not a programmer I have no idea how difficult it is to realize 
    that, but I and I think other researches would appreciate it a lot. 
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