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Add new ID unit?

stranack avatarstranack created an issue

My PDF conversion resulted in some footnotes being combined into a single ID unit. It would be great if there was a way to create a new ID unit so that I could cut the extra footnote out of one ID unit and paste it into a new one. Does that make sense?

I've attached a copy of the PDF I'm testing so you can see what I mean. ID#4 contains 3 footnotes, so I need to break each one out into a separate unit.

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  1. Virgil Dupras
    • changed status to open

    Yes, splitting elements make sense, although the problem here is more that elements should be detected as separate from the start.

    But then again, we can't expect to automatically parse all PDFs perfectly, so situations where elements are mistakenly merged are bound to happen, making a manual item splitting feature necessary.

    Such a feature were in my initial plans, but I haven't figured out an elegant way to implement it, UI-wise.

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