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+Version 0.5.0 -- 2012/10/08
+* Added VHLayout.
+* Added Box.
+* In View, added delegate, fixedHeight, fixedWidth and accessibilityDescription attributes as well
+  as moveTo() (a more powerful version of packToCorner()) and fillAll() methods.
+* In Segment, added image and accessibilityDescription attributes.
+* Added SplitView.dividerStyle and added documentation for a direct split view hierarchy.
+* Added TableView.borderType and View.focusRingType.
+* Added Button.bordered
+* Added MenuItem.state
+* Added TabView.tabViewType.
+* Added TextField.usesSingleLineMode.
+* Added margin and align arguments to layouts.
+* Deprecated View.packToCorner().
+* Layouts can now contain sublayouts.
+* Allow Color() to receive values in the range of 0-255 in addition to 0.0-1.0.
+* Don't localize strings containing only "-" (they're used to indicate a separator menu item).
+* RadioButtons' height now depends on the number of rows it has.
+* Fixed filler resizing in layouts in cases where there are other views next to the filler.
+* Allow UI scripts to import units that are from the same folder.
+* Replaced Button.keyEquivalent with Button.shortcut.
+* Fixed runtemplate so that the XiblessSupport unit is compiled in the RunUI executable.
+* Fixed a bug where we would sometimes end up with two generated item with the same varname.
+* Always set growX/growY to False in setAnchor() for views that have a fixed width/height.
+* The "text" argument of TextField's constructor is now optional.
+* Support sides and middle in View.setAnchor().
+* Generated units now have a comment indicating generation time and xibless version.
+* Moved TextField.alignment down to Control
+* Only copy XiblessSupport unit when it changed, thus avoiding needless recompilation.
+* Fixed TabView's layout deltas for cases where there's no tabs.
+* Support shortcuts involving the '+' character.
+* Improved default margins in layouts, control heights and all other little tweaks of this sort.
 Version 0.4.1 -- 2012/08/08
 from .gen import generate, runUI
-__version__ = '0.4.1'
+__version__ = '0.5.0'
 def main():
     parser = ArgumentParser()