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django-conference is intended to be a complete conference and symposia management system. It provides the functionality needed to organize conferences and allow attendees to register for the conference online.


  • Integrates with Django's user authentication system.
  • Allows papers and session proposals to be submitted by any registered user.
  • Easy-to-use admin interface for reviewing and approving sessions and papers.
  • Customizable reporting engine to view registration and session/paper submission statistics.
  • Highly customizable registration system that integrates with Stripe for payment.



Run python setup.py install to install django-conference and any missing dependencies.

Using in an Existing Django Project

If you want to integrate django-conference with an existing project, follow these steps:

  1. Add "django_conference" to the INSTALLED_APPS tuple in the project's settings.py file.
  2. Add django-autocomplete-light to INSTALLED_APPS as detailed here.
  3. Add (r'^conference/', include('django_conference.urls')) to the project's urls.py file.

Using Standalone

If you don't have an existing Django project, you'll need to create one. Use the project in the "example_project" directory as a starting point and customize the settings.py file for your server. See the following pages for more information: