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add --remove to branchalias

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     def add(self, branch, alias):
         self.aliases[branch] = alias
+    def remove(self, branch):
+        del self.aliases[branch]
     def write(self):
         data = ''.join(['%d %d %s %s\n' % (len(x), len(y), x, y)
             for x, y in self.aliases.iteritems()])
     def __bool__(self):
         return len(self.aliases) != 0
+    def __contains__(self, key):
+        return self.aliases.__contains__(key)
 def _branch(orig, self):
     retval = orig(self)
             ui.status('  %s -> %s\n' % (src, tgt))
+    if opts.get('remove'):
+        if len(args) != 1:
+            raise util.Abort('specify a branch to remove')
+        if args[0] not in repo.branchalias:
+            raise util.Abort('unknown branch alias')
+        lock = repo.lock()
+        try:
+            repo.branchalias.remove(args[0])
+            repo.branchalias.write()
+            repo.invalidatecaches()
+        finally:
+            lock.release()
+        return
     if len(args) != 2:
         raise util.Abort('specify both branch source and target')
 cmdtable = {
         'branchalias|balias': (_branchalias,
-            [('l', 'list', False, 'show branch aliases')],
+            [
+                ('l', 'list', False, 'show branch aliases'),
+                ('', 'remove', False, 'remove branch alias'),
+            ],
+            '[-l] [--remove BRANCHNAME] [BRANCHNAME] [BRANCHALIAS]'),
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