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 Mercurial behind a web server that handles authentication, e.g. when running
 `hg serve`.
-The first step will be to run `python textauth.py` and get usage information
-and see how it is used to create the authentication file.
+The first step is to modify your repository's hgrc file (or possibly
+hgweb.config file if serving with hgwebdir) and add the ``textauth.file``.
-The second step is to add it to your repository's hgrc file (or if you're
-serving with hgwebdir to the hgweb.config file, unless you want different
-authentication files for different repositories).
+The second step is to run `hg authedit` and get usage information to see
+how it is used to create/modify the authentication file.
 Finally, you can run `hg serve` as normal, and credentials will automatically
 be requested when browsing the repository using the web browser, as well as