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Fixed up to work on Ubuntu Oneiric with hg 2.0.2

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 build/$(LINGUA)/pdf/hgbook.pdf: build/$(LINGUA)/source/hgbook.xml stylesheets/fo.xsl stylesheets/$(LINGUA)/fo.xsl
 	mkdir -p build/$(LINGUA)/pdf
-	java -classpath $(JAVA_LIB)/saxon65.jar:$(JAVA_LIB)/saxon65-dbxsl.jar:$(JAVA_LIB)/xml-commons-resolver-1.2.jar:$(JAVA_LIB) \
 	    com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet \
 	    -x org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader \
 	    -y org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.ResolvingXMLReader \
 	    stylesheets/$(LINGUA)/fo.xsl \
-	if test -r $(FOP_HOME)/conf/userconfig.xml ; then \
-		FOP_CONFIG=" -c $(FOP_HOME)/conf/userconfig.xml"; \
+	if test -r $(FOP_CONF)/userconfig.xml ; then \
+		FOP_CONFIG=" -c $(FOP_CONF)/userconfig.xml"; \
-	(cd build/$(LINGUA)/source && $(FOP_HOME)/fop.sh ${FOP_CONFIG} hgbook.fo ../pdf/hgbook.pdf)
+	(cd build/$(LINGUA)/source && $(FOP) ${FOP_CONFIG} hgbook.fo ../pdf/hgbook.pdf)
 $(LINGUA)/figs/%.png: $(LINGUA)/figs/%.svg 


 # Please use absolute path, DO NOT use relative path !
+# Template should be working for Ubuntu Oneiric
 # po4a (>= 0.36.1): Only for PO based translation !
-# po4A_HOME=/usr/bin
-# PO4A_LIB=/usr/share/perl5
 # saxon65.jar, saxon65-dbxsl.jar, xml-commons-resolver-1.2.jar: Only for pdf format !
 # fop (>= 0.9.6): Only for pdf format !
+FOP_CONF=`hg root`/fopconf
 # docbook-xsl (>= 1.74.3): Only for ePub format !
       % sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk docbook-xsl-saxon libsaxon-java fop
-  The Makefile will actually invoke $FOP_HOME/fop.sh, you should do
-  some trick, let fop's CLASSPATH include saxon.jar and docbook-xsl-saxon.jar .
+  The Makefile will invoke $FOP.
 5. Configure XML Catalogs
   For non pdf output, we use xsltproc for XSLT process, xsltproc use system


 #$ name: twice
 hg rollback
-hg rollback
+hg rollback || true
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