1. Henrik Stuart
  2. repoman


repoman / tests / output / encoding.py

# coding: iso-8859-1
import os

from tests.pytest import run, Quiet

with Quiet():
    run('clone ../forest1 -M * -b core/dev -d encodingtest1')
    run('clone encodingtest1 -M * -b core/dev -d encodingtest2')

run('-R encodingtest1 branch --create core/זרו')
run('-R encodingtest1 up core/dev')
run('-R encodingtest1 up core/זרו')
run('-R encodingtest2 pull -b core/זרו')
run('-R encodingtest2 up core/זרו')
with open(os.path.join('encodingtest1', 'a', 'foo'), 'a') as fh:
os.system('hg -R encodingtest1/a ci -m foo -d "0 0"')
run('-R encodingtest2 in --current')