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Tools for Migrating a Subversion repository to Git

:Copyright: 2011 by Hartmut Goebel <>
:Licence: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0)

These scripts and data has been used for migrating PyInstaller__ from
Subversion repository to Git. This migration was done in December 2012.


Basically the process is this:

* Create a local mirror of the SVN repository. This speeds conversion
  for the case you have to restart from scratch.
* Convert the SVN repo to git using git-svn (`git svn`).
* Cleanup the git repositories as required and according to your
* Upload the git repository to github, bitbucket, or wherever you

Please see `` for how it works.


* My hacked version of ESR's reposurgeon from
* A slidly modified version on Yuval Kogman git-svn-abandon, available
* svnsync, svnadmin, git, Python 2.7, bash, diff, patch, ...


WARNING: The scripts are not bullet-proof.

1) Adopt to your needs.

   WARNING: Filenames with spaces (and other problemativ characters)
            are NOT supported.

2) The script `` will clone reposurgeon and
   git-svn-abandon into the same directory, if they do not exist.

3) See for last works.