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A RPM filetrigger script for compiling Python files

:Author:  Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel@goebel-consult.de>
:Version: 20111116
:Copyright: GNU Public License v3 (GPLv3)
:Homepage: http://bitbucket.org/htgoebel/python-rpm-filetrigger

Some Linux distributions do not deliver compiled Python files
(byte-code, `.pyc`, `.pyo`) in their RPM packages. This script can be
used as a filetrigger to compile the Python modules on installation
and remove them on uninstallation of the respective package.

Install this package if you want for Python modules precompiled.

Please note: You will not find the byte-code files listed by RPM,
since they are not added to the database.


Install as follows::

  install -m 0644 python-compile.filter $TRIGGERDIR/
  install -m 0755 python-compile.script $TRIGGERDIR/


To test the script prior to installation, proceed as follows::

   rm -rf /tmp/py-filetrigger-test-root

Please note: The path for the test directory is currently hard-coded
into the script.