Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Fixed off by one error in intervals.Intersecter
Bob Harris avatarBob Harris
stub module that eventually will read/write LAV format alignment blocks with same interface as and
Bob Harris avatarBob Harris
(1) corrected reverse_complement (2) brought axt support up-to-snuff with maf (3) which necessitated changes to maf and core (4) added stubs for lav
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
"bed_merge_overlapping" merges all overlapping intervals in a bed file. It uses projection onto a bitset
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Forgot the cookbook package. Fixed bitset.pyx (still in progress) so that it builds.
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Importing everything
James Taylor avatarJames Taylor
Making trunk directory
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