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# A distutils setup script to register TortoiseHg COM server

# To build stand-alone package, use 'python py2exe' then use
# InnoSetup to build the installer.  By default, the installer will be
# created as dist\Output\setup.exe.

import time
import sys
import os

# non-Win32 platforms doesn't require setup
if != 'nt':
    sys.stderr.write("abort: %s is for Win32 platforms only" % sys.argv[0])

# ModuleFinder can't handle runtime changes to __path__, but win32com uses them

    # if this doesn't work, try import modulefinder
    import as modulefinder
    import win32com
    for p in win32com.__path__[1:]:
        modulefinder.AddPackagePath("win32com", p)
    for extra in [""]: #,"win32com.mapi"
        m = sys.modules[extra]
        for p in m.__path__[1:]:
            modulefinder.AddPackagePath(extra, p)
except ImportError:
    # no build path setup, no worries.

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

_data_files = []
extra = {}
hgextmods = []

if 'py2exe' in sys.argv:
    # FIXME: quick hack to include installed hg extensions in py2exe binary
    import hgext
    hgextdir = os.path.dirname(hgext.__file__)
    hgextmods = set(["hgext." + os.path.splitext(f)[0]
                  for f in os.listdir(hgextdir)])
    _data_files = [(root, [os.path.join(root, file_) for file_ in files])
                        for root, dirs, files in os.walk('icons')]
    extra['windows'] = [
                        "icon_resources": [(1, "icons/tortoise/hg.ico")]},
                        "icon_resources": [(1, "icons/tortoise/python.ico")]}
    extra['com_server'] = ["tortoisehg"]
    extra['console'] = ["contrib/hg"]

opts = {
   "py2exe" : {
       # Don't pull in all this MFC stuff used by the makepy UI.
       "excludes" : "pywin,pywin.dialogs,pywin.dialogs.list",

       # add library files to support PyGtk-based dialogs/windows
       # Note:
       #    after py2exe build, copy GTK's etc and lib directories into
       #    the dist directory created by py2exe.
       #    also needed is the GTK's share/themes (as dist/share/themes), 
       #    for dialogs to display in MS-Windows XP theme.
       "includes" : "dbhash,pango,atk,pangocairo,cairo,gobject," + \

# specify version string, otherwise 'hg identify' will be used:
version = ''

import tortoise.version

        author='TK Soh',
        description='Windows shell extension for Mercurial VCS',
        license='GNU GPL2',
        packages=['tortoise', 'hggtk', 'hggtk.vis', 'hggtk.iniparse'],
        data_files = _data_files,