meblog / templates / admin / newpage.html

{% extends 'admin/base.html' %}

{% block content %}
<form class="uniform" method="POST" action="{% if action %}{{ action }}{% else %}/page/new/{% endif %}">
{% if pageForm.key %}{{ pageForm.key }}{% endif %}
<div class="left-form">
			<div class="ctrlHolder">
				<label for="id_name" style="display:block">Name {{ }}</label>
                {{ }}
				<span class="inlineLabels"><p class="formHint">Max : 100 characters</p></span>
			<div class="ctrlHolder">
				<label for="id_description" style="display:block">Description {{ pageForm.description.errors }}</label>
                {{ pageForm.description }}
				<span class="inlineLabels"><p class="formHint">(Optional) Max : 300 characters</p></span>
			<div class="ctrlHolder">
				<label for="id_body" style="display:block">Body {{ pageForm.body.errors }}</label>
                {{ pageForm.body }}
				<span class="inlineLabels"><p class="formHint">Use markdown to style the text.
					<a href="">Please read documentation</a></p></span>
			<div class="buttonHolder">
				<input class="submit" type="submit" value="Save"/>
				<input class="submit cancel" type="button" value="Cancel" onclick="history.go(-1)"/>
<div class="right-form">
	<div class="ctrlHolder">
		<label for="id_publish" style="display:block">Publish {{ pageForm.publish.errors }}</label>
		{{ pageForm.publish }}
	<div class="ctrlHolder">
		<label for="id_navbar" style="display:block">Side Bar {{ pageForm.navbar.errors }}</label>
		{{ pageForm.navbar }}
	<div class="ctrlHolder">
		<label for="id_template" style="display:block">Template {{ pageForm.template.errors }}</label>
        {{ pageForm.template }}
		<span class="inlineLabels"><p class="formHint">Template Filename (*.html)</p></span>
{% endblock %}
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