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Disable time display in life and re-enable app

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-	//&life_app,
+	&life_app,
 	uint8_t last_sec;
 	uint16_t iter;
 	// Our time display
 	char time_text_buffer[sizeof("HH:MM:SS")];
 	struct PWTextBox time_text_box;
 	struct PWidgetTextDynamic time_text_widget;
 } __attribute__((packed));
 	DATA->last_sec = now->tm_sec;
 	pulse_set_draw_window(0, 100, 95, 127);
 	for(int i=0; i<2688; i++)
 	pulse_render_text(&DATA->time_text_box, &DATA->time_text_widget);
 	DATA->last_sec = 99;
 	DATA->time_text_box = (struct PWTextBox) {
 		.top		= 100,
 		.bottom		= SCREEN_HEIGHT - 1,
 	memset(DATA->time_text_buffer, 0, sizeof(DATA->time_text_buffer));
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