ubbut committed 50ec0ec

disabled "oil painting" and "sharpness" effect for 600D and 1100D in menu
These were not working (see #1487)

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  1. 600dplus

    I think that probably also sharpness when 5x or 10x zoom in LV is not working,i see no difference with it on or off...for 600D at least

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File src/lv-img-engio.c

                 .choices = (const char *[]) {"OFF", "Weak", "Strong"},
                 .help = "Cartoonish look obtained by emphasizing the edges.",
+#if !(defined(CONFIG_600D) || defined(CONFIG_1100D))
                 .name = "Oil painting", 
                 .priv = &oilpaint, 
                 .priv = &sharp, 
                 .max = 1,
                 .name = "Purple Fringe",
                 .priv       = &fringing,