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added missing stubs needed for tskmon

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File platform/5D3.113/stubs.S

 NSTUB( ROMBASEADDR, firmware_entry )
+NSTUB(0x23D08, pre_isr_hook)
+NSTUB(0x23D0C, post_isr_hook)
 #define RAM_OFFSET 0xFF9DEF48 // some functions are copied to RAM at around ff0c009c; they have to be called from RAM...
 NSTUB(0xff9f3900 - RAM_OFFSET, AcquireRecursiveLock) // AJ_KernelDry_KerRLock.c
 NSTUB(0xff9e79a4 - RAM_OFFSET, msleep)
 NSTUB(0xff123c88, _prop_cleanup)
 NSTUB(0xff123bbc, prop_deliver)
-//NSTUB(0xff123de4, prop_get_value) // unsafe?
+NSTUB(0xff123de4, prop_get_value) // unsafe?
 NSTUB(0xff12340c, prop_register_slave)
 NSTUB(0xff123600, _prop_request_change)
 NSTUB(0xff3f4f54, ptp_register_handler)