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60D: added msg_queue_count

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      1. marekk17

        mlv_rec is working now, I can record videos (5 frames more than standard raw_rec, 1600x680, 24fps). But I can't compile mlv_dump. mlv2dng also doesn't work in my environment so I have to fix mlv_dump. I'm using arm-cs-tools with gcc 4.7.3 on mac osx 10.8.5.

      2. Marsu42

        It compiles fine over here, I didn't try to use it on 60d yet though. As usual, for the helper files I had to change the Makefile on Windows: "all:: raw2dng.exe mlv_dump.exe" ... same with raw_rec and dual_iso

        1. Marsu42
          1. add -w to your Makefile.user compiler options so you only see the errors, it's easier for debugging ...

          2. when in doubt double-check you have really pulled the latest trunk changes, or even better do a clean checkout and compile again, this should do as as It's compiling over here :-o ... my raw.h has the "active_area" yours seems to be missing.

Files changed (1)

File platform/60D.111/stubs.S

 NSTUB( 0xFF1D6AEC, msg_queue_receive )
 NSTUB( 0xFF1D6CD8, msg_queue_post ) // TryPostMessageQueue
 NSTUB( 0xFF072830, msg_queue_create ) // CreateMessageQueue
+NSTUB( 0xF81D6D18, msg_queue_count )
 NSTUB( 0xFF024500, GUI_Control )