Canon 550D shutter speed control bug

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Hi, I've an Canon 550 D and I've installed the add-on Magic Lanter version 22 december 2011. So, I set the shutter speed to the magicx lantern menu to 1/130 and I found the following bugs: - this option is disabled to the AV mode. Why?; - this shuttert speed is not respected. Infact operating in the TV mode I can reduce the shutter speed less of 1/130. Why? The shutter speed control isn't the same of the Nikon control?

Other bug is the live view: when I get an photo operating in live view mode the image is totally black. Why?

Many thanks to you good word. bye Antonio

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi a1ex, I know the Canon user guide. May be that I do not undestand very well the Magic Lantern shutter speed configuration because in the Magic Lantern user guide it's not clean/explicit. Please can do you explain this configuration and if this configuration it's the same of Nikon? Many Thanks Bye Antonio

  2. Anonymous

    Ok, If dou not want give me the information about the "shutter speed" of magic lantern I've to uninstall it. In the Magic latern user guide it's not clear. Many thanks to your support very very good! bye

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