Shutter speed fails to update on 50D (Liveview Mode)

Issue #1003 resolved
Former user created an issue

The shutter speed won't update on 50D's Live view screen. The shutter speed can be changed without issue, however, just the number on screen would not exceed 1/30th of a second. Not sure if that's a bug or an enhancement.

Revision: 6de4bdb32044

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  1. Alex

    Can you check if shutter speed displayed by ML is correct?

    It should match Canon display... sort of. I believe 50D is NTSC only (30fps), so it might only show 1/60.000 (other values may be not be exact).

    In PAL, you should get 1/33.333 and 1/50.000. But since 50D doesn't have any PAL video modes, you may not get these values. I don't know.

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