Option to automatically run both focus modes (Quick AF then Live AF)

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rhalle created an issue

Since Live mode AF (contrast based) is very slow but tends to be more accurate than the Quick mode (phase based) focus, it seems a useful addition would be to have an option to run Live mode AF directly following the Quick mode when Quick mode is selected.

This would hopefully reduce the Live mode "hunting" that typically occurs since the focus would already be very close (Quick mode to get close then Live mode to fine tune). It would be useful to have that new option be configurable to assign the Live mode AF to a dedicated button (like the * AE lock) and run only when pressed (while in Quick mode) or automatically run following a Quick mode AF (after the shutter button is half pressed). That way a user could decide to always use both methods of AF or use Quick mode with the option of pressing the * AE lock button to force a Live mode AF to kick off for fine tuning (if focus accuracy is more important than speed).

If there is a way to force Live AF without live-view activated that would also be a nice feature. This would have the benefits of Live AF when we are only using the viewfinder.

This feature would help those of us who are holding our breaths for a micro-focus adjust (I know, I know, this will probably not happen...) since the Live mode AF seems to be the cure for micro focus issues in some cases.

This would basically be a method of speeding up the Live AF for picture taking modes (or at least that is the thought...).

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  1. rhalle reporter

    One way to implement this would be to overload the *AE Lock button. While it is pressed, the focus mode shifts from Quick to Live. As soon as it is released it returns to Quick. Half-press shutter button to kick off quick focus, then hold *AE Lock and half-press shutter button again to force Live focus.

    Does the change in status mean that this is something that does not make sense for the intent of the ML project? If it does not, I apologize for the thought. I am new to the ML community.

    Regardless, thanks for all the incredible enhancements to the cameras.

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