Sound levels work when sound recording disabled

Issue #1010 resolved
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Hi! I use ML constantly and cannot imagine now working without it. Today I've discovered an issue that cost me 3 hours: ML doesn't know when the sound recording is disabled on the camera. You can see levels, change settings and all the rest, but there is no sound.

My mistake this time was working without headphones for sound return, but anyhow IMO it would be nice for ML audio menu to tell us if the sound is disabled.

Thank you and keep up the great work you do!

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  1. Gershberg reporter

    sorry for not being clear enough: no external recorder used, just remote control cable so i don't have to push the button on the camera. (Movie -> Movie REC key - HalfShutter)

  2. Alex

    Then, this should work: hold the rec key while the script girl is writing down the number, then release it when you are ready to start.

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