Bulb ramping stopped working (60D, 2011.12.22)

Issue #1012 resolved
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Hi !

Bulb ramping stopped working after the first pic taken. I have tried with version 2011.12.12 and everything is ok, so i think that there is a problem with version 2011.12.22

Thanks a lot for this great work and happy new year from Switzerland !

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    I have try and retryed with differents cards (samsung, transcend, 8, 16 Gb), cleared all settings, but no way to make it working... The version 2011.12.12 still working as a charm...

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Thank you a1ex but my english is no so good so it's difficult for me to explain... But i will try !

    I can set the bulb ramping, i can select a picture and adjust the settings. The 60D calculate the settings, the S curve and take the first picture. At the end of the interval, it stop taking pictures and the S curve is flickering on the screen.

    Hope it helps, regards,


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