Eye-Fi Card no longer works after installing ML Firmware

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Hi, I have 2x Canon EOS 550D's one has ML installed and the other doesnt, I can use the Eye-Fi X2 Pro card on the 550D that had not had the ML firmware installed, I thought I may as well install the latest ML Firmware on that camera as well, after doing this the Eye-Fi card no longer starts up, let me be a little more detailed, when I stat the camera the LCD does not display a single thing, the auto focus and flash pre firing works but nothing else. I uninstalled the ML from this camera and did it in the following manner, formatted the original SD card and shutdown the camera, copied the latest Canon EOS firmware from the canon site, did the firmware upgrade, then shutdown camera again and tested, all functions back to factory original, then I installed the Eye-Fi card again but it still will not show anything on the LCD. The Eye-Fi card work on another canon camera I have quite fine. It appears that the ML firmware must leave something behind that stops the functioning of the Eye-Fi card. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Regards Elias

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