Canon 60D ML 0.2.1 video issue

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caprice created an issue

The past weekend a shot a video tutorial for an employee of Redken, I used my 60D on the project with the latest build of ML 0.2.1 and the latest firmware from Canon.

I am unsure if this is user error or I am having issues with this build of ML, would appreciate some direction or advice regarding my issue.

My issue is the video quality/low bit rate of the video I captured during the shoot. All the video that i captured on my 60D was HEAVILY pixelated, I am assuming this is because of the resolution and the low bit rate. I had previously shot low-light test videos while I was in Afghanistan, that was last month, I had no issues with image quality at all; completely blown away by the low-light performance.

I updated the ML firmware before the shoot this past weekend to the latest ML, so I am concerned that their may be an issue with the firmware.

What is even odder is the fact the live preview doesn't shot any of this, though when played back on the 60D and/or on our mac pro it shows all the pixillation. One other thing is when playing back each clip, the first second is perfect, then the quality drops and has full blown pixillation.

I am looking to see if anyone has run into this before, or is having the same issue. I have gone through both the ML and Canon menu's looking for an option to help correct this but thus far I have come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. caprice reporter

    Yes, that is in fact the issue. Little embarrassed, not sure how but the bit rate was set to x0.1.

    Appreciate the help a1ex!

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