New Idea for Film inculding 4k.

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russellj447 created an issue

This idea is far away but i was wondering if it could be done. Insted of recording with the camera, have magic launtern software for a laptop that could record the live view image off the camera when its hooked up to the laptop. Then we would down scale that footage to 4k or what ever we want in post production. I also thought that this cant be that hard, but it would have to work with saving to an extrenal hard drive. This kind of thing would of course would depend on the persons computer but this could get rid of line skipping becasue all it would do is use live view in photo mode to record that image at what ever fram rate that the software would allow. So its like EOS ML kinda. I hope this can be something we can see soon. Feel Free to email me to get more of an explation of how i think it could be done.

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  1. ats1995

    That it can't be done, at least not from what a1ex knows. And he is usually very right. The transfer speed of usb2.0 is simply way to slow to achieve 4k, or even 1080p, I think. It might be theoretically possible to achieve some 4k (I don't think the sensor can, though), but it would be compressed like sh*t and not worth tying at all.

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