"Real" silent shooting?

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Now, I assume this is not doable since it's not implemented yet, but to confirm:

Would it be possible to add a 'real' silent LV shooting mode, similar to the xxD models and higher (if I'm correct)? Currently, on the xxxD models, if you are using live view for composing, metering and focusing, the mirror still moves back and forth, even though there should be no reason for it to do so. In silent shooting mode, you should be able to capture a normal, full resolution still image (in RAW if enabled), while only hearing the sound of the shutter. The last time I was asked to capture some images in a funeral of a relative, I did feel a bit embarrassed because of the camera noise.

Is it a part of the drive mechanics that cannot be easily modified?

PS: I think there might be a small power saving potential as well, albeit VERY small.

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