5DMkII - no Cmos Temp Icon when 'Active' in AJ5.9?

Issue #1027 wontfix
donse created an issue

After consulting both the 5.9 maual and extensive search on the web i still can't make out where (when) the Cmos Temp Icon is supposed to show (when 'Actice') on the 5D display w. ML-AJ5.9 installed - i do not see it (5.9 runs just beautiful otherwise)? Is the entire layout and icons of the 5d w. AJ5.9 perhaps explained somewhere in detail (not able to find it despite extensive google etc.)?

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  1. Alex

    AJ 5.9 is no longer maintained and will be replaced by Unified.

    Canon has its own temperature icon, no need for another one.

  2. donse reporter

    Hi Alex, OK - but that's a warning icon, right? I'd really like to monitor - that is pre-warning - how the censor is doing while i'm shooting... as a systems and noise control.

  3. donse reporter

    I've found the relevant info on the 50/1.4 distance info (it does not give distance info). Sorry about the noice i've caused (could not figure out how to erase the entire entry...)

    Steen wrote: Hi Alex, I realize AJ5.9 is not beeing developed any further - i like it very much though, thank you :) Can you pls. tell me, is it a known bug, that the 50/1.4 does not show distance info (it's permanently showing "0 cm") - or is it a camera problem (i've tested with two 50/1.4's and there is no difference in behaviour)? Best regards Steen

  4. donse reporter

    Thx :) Yes, i found it too after posting (hence the correctional comment at top; i was just not able to erase the entire entry). Best regards /D

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