Intervalometer+scilentpic=err 80

Issue #1028 resolved
yak55 created an issue

Magic lantern is amazing, well done, but.. When i use intervalometer and scilentpic(single) I am only able to take 100-140 pics and then it closes the shutter and mirror, the lcd goes black and it says err80 in the wiewfinder. If i take out the battery and put it back in, it`s working again

I have tried diffrent intervals 1-4 sec same result I have tried diffrent sd card I have tried diffrent modes: p,tv,av,m I have tried diffrent pic quality Auto power off

EOS 550d,18-55 kit lens, firmware:1.0.9 ML 11.11.11 . Am i doing something wrong or what? Btw I have a a #10 speed sd card.

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