basic menu Flicker and shutter drops during recording

Issue #104 resolved
hawkish created an issue

Since serious testing ML v. 1.6, the basic menu informations flicker on my rig. Worse, when recording, after ca. 60 sec. the shutter closes live view video to black, a continuous click noise is audible. audio recording continues.

reloaded both "magiclantern.fir" and "magiclantern.cfg" files, without effect

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  1. hawkish reporter

    just found out when testing: ML 1.6 works perfect (no drop-shutter) when booted from a SanDisk 8BG ExtremeIV CF card. shutter drops (as described earlier) on when ML boots from my Kingston 32GB/133x CF... is this maybe a data speed topic...? Or different formattings on the cards?

  2. Trammell Hudson repo owner

    I flagged this as a duplicate, but I don't see of which bug...

    I have had problems with my Kingston cards and buffering. They cause the buffer bars to show up far more often than the Extreme IV cards. It may be a Magic Lantern problem, or it might be a card issue since they show up even if ML is not running.

  3. hawkish reporter
    • changed status to open

    'duplicate' flagging: think i had it on the list twice, so erased the 'other' duplicate entry, sorry.

    i had the impression, when recording onto the Kingston CF, that the 5D seemed to start slightly stuttering f/ps rate. dindn't follow that, but maybe, this too, could be a Kingston CF data-speed bug...

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