A few visual glitches in the GUI elements

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Using a 500D, with an autoexec from January 26th:

The magic zoom box alternates between visible and invisible at a rapid rate (flashing), perhaps 15 times per second or so. It's a bit distracting when you're trying to fine-tune the focus.

Similarly, the histogram alternates between an accurate presentation of the current scene, and that of some unknown older scene (possibly the first frame when LV was activated). The rate of this is much slower though, roughly 1 / second. Still, sometimes it may confuse you about which of the histograms is the correct one for the current scene.

Both 1) and 2) almost always happen when the movie mode is activated for the first time after turning on the camera. Switching to M (photo mode), and back to the movie mode fixes the problem, until the camera is restarted. The live view mode is restarted when doing this, which may have something to do with why the problem goes away.

Note: refreshing the GUI (MENU while recording) doesn't help with this.

  1. Previewing an option in LV (such as K white balance) using the ZoomIn button: this does not work while recording a movie. It works otherwise.

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  1. Alex

    2) should be a good hint of what's going on.

    This autoexec will display the address of the image buffer used by histogram. Can you figure out what's the wrong address and what's the good one?

    Or post a movie showing this number and the histogram showing wrong info.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Here you go:

    • Note to 1: The rate of the flashing isn't constant, it fluctuates slightly. Also, the flashing is generally a bit slower during recording.
    • Note to 1 and 2: Both problems also go away after recording a clip. So the problem can be fixed either by moving the mode dial back and forth one notch, or recording a very short clip. Again, restarting the camera brings back both problems.
  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Sorry: when I said "note to 1", I meant "note to 2": I was talking about the histogram, not the magic zoom box.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    After recording a clip, a third address appears in addition to the other two: 43b48800. Although, as mentioned above, at that point the problem has temporarily gone away.

    Recording more than one clip doesn't seem to add any more addresses.

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