ML menu temporarily disables FPS override

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Using 500D, with February 4th autoexec:

If you enter the ML menu while recording a video, the FPS override option becomes disabled until you exit the menu. You can see through the transparent menu how the video changes to darker (and smoother), or at least when you play back the recorded video. The effect is of course more pronounced the smaller value you use for the FPS override. This bug prevents you from changing various settings on the fly, if you want the video to look consistent.

I noticed this problem while recording a video which required white balance and exposure adjustments every now and then.

Also, every time you toggle the magic zoom box on or off (when using fps override), there's a similar effect but it only lasts for a split second. I don't know if there are any more ML related functions triggering the effect.

If you need any additional information, let me know.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    To clarify, I didn't mean that I'm trying to activate or adjust the FPS override option in the middle of recording - I always turn it on before I hit the REC button, and leave it at that.

    It's the totally unrelated options I'm trying to adjust mid-recording (WB, F-stop, ISO), but having the ML menu active temporarily makes the effects of FPS override go away, and it shows in the final video.

    Hopefully I've left no room for confusion.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Thank you A1ex, now it's almost perfect: sometimes I still see the effect going off randomly (?) while in ML menu, but its duration is reduced to a split second, so it's not nearly as bad anymore. Also, at the moment I can't seem to reliably reproduce the issue, it may take some time to find out since this one's not that common.

    But if you want to continue ironing out this one as well, I'll help what I can.

  3. Alex

    The exact cause is not really known (it's the only camera that does this).

    I've just made it a bit more aggressive - maybe menu redrawing is CPU-intensive and FPS override is not refreshed fast enough.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    I've been thinking about a completely transparent menu without a background (maybe as an option), perhaps with the fonts having black outlines to help them stand out from the recorded image. I don't know if this would help with the CPU load, but at least one benefit could be that there's no longer need to press the zoom button to preview a setting (except if you want to preview without the rest of the menu).

    Anyway, I'll start using this autoexec now, and post back if necessary. Thanks again. :)

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