550D bricked?

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il_gatto created an issue

Hello friends, greetings from Argentina

I read almost all the threads, but I could not restart my camera, using ML 0.2.1 for 3 months without problems.

But yesterday the card was formatted (8gb sdhc) from the camera, and restart, but could not start anymore. Only I see through the viewfinder, the exposure meter, and the wheel speed and autofocus works ok, but nothing more.

Without the card, I have only the viewfinder and autofocus at start (no beeps, no red led). With the card, the same. Pressing the shutter half at start, equal.

Cards are ok, tested on another camera. The batteries are ok, always full charged. Doors closed, both card & battery

I think my camera is dead, very sad .. thank you very much for your help and your time

Hopefully they can help

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Have you access to the menus ? If yes, try to flash the original Canon Firmware...


  2. il_gatto reporter

    I have not access to the menus, only the green screen through the viewfinder. Only Autofocus and speed wheel works ok...

  3. Alex

    Double-check the card with the small autoexec in a second camera, just to be sure you did the test correctly.

    After each failed startup attempt, make sure you take the battery out.

    If it's still not blinking on your camera, it means the bootloader doesn't start. That's before loading the main firmware. This means I'm not able to do any further troubleshooting, sorry.

    If you can make it blink with the small autoexec, I can investigate it.

    It can be caused by a bad SD card slot - the camera believes there's a card inside, but since it can't read it, it can't find autoexec.bin, so it freezes. These symptoms appear when autoexec.bin is not found.

  4. il_gatto reporter

    lost by lost, format the card with eoscard, and now the red light blinks once, but still does not start, only the green screen and autofocus are ok. In the card there are only 3 folders, DCIM, MISC PRIVATE and nothing more. As I continue?

  5. Alex

    Private? Never seen anything like this on Canon cameras.

    Do you have autoexec.bin on the card? If the card is prepared with EosCard, the camera won't boot without autoexec.bin (and it will have exactly the symptoms described).

  6. il_gatto reporter

    YEEEEESSS..... after format, copy all the files from ML folder (the last version of DEC 12 2011), and now the camera is working fine and ok. I'm very very happy, i presumed dead, but now is alive again,


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