Offset Focus Peaking on 600D. External monitor only.

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Wisnaeme created an issue

Hi, I'm using an external monitor on the 600D. When switching on focus peaking on the overlay is shifted. I see an old thread for the 550D which was closed as resolved. I have included a couple of screenshots.

It appears the entire GUI shifts up to the left a little when using the external monitor. This is using the data port and not the HDMI.

Hopefully this is of assistance.

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  1. Wisnaeme reporter

    Hi, It's the same in record and pause. All resolutions are affected with and without zoom. Extra corruption in 640 mode.

    I'll upload a video sample soon.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    This happens on my t3i as well. Both in record and standby, all resolutions. If I use an external HDMI monitor, the focus peak dots are moved off of their objects just a bit.

    Also when I toggle from regular mode to 3x, and then come back to regular focal length, the focus peak scrambles and I have to cycle the camera to correct this. The focus peak works when in 3x mode, but then scrambles when I try to come back to regular shooting. Any ideas?

    Is there any hope of getting a clean HDMI output, or even just an HD output from the HDMI?

    I really love Magic Lantern. Thanks so much!

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    I have tested this new May 15 version with my t3i, and now the focus peaks are correct when toggling between normal focal length and 3x mode. But there is still an offset on the peak marks when using an external monitor. Any idea how to fix this? Having the focus peaks while using an external monitor would be a HUGE help, especially since it's happening at the camera pixel level, and not at the monitor pixel level, which when connected to a t3i goes to standard def. Is there a newer version that May 15 that could possibly correct the focus peaking while using an external monitor? Thanks!

    And I will be donating again! Love Magic Lantern!

  4. Paul Wright

    I will test this again and send screenshots. I still have the focus peaks mis-aligned when using external monitor. I tried the VRAM stuff and couldn't make any sense of it.

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