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Avaviel created an issue

Sometime when I'm shooting an HDR Panorama, when I go to take the next shot it only takes a single photo instead of the bracketed shot. I have to wait an unknown time for it to 'reset' to take a bracketed shot again. (Normally a few seconds, but it seems sort of random.)

I've noticed with live view on it does not do this as much.

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  1. Avaviel reporter

    Additionally, sometimes it would take extra shots for some reason. I'd have it set to a 9 shot bracket at 0.5EV, and I'd count it shooting 15 or so shots. These are bracketed exposures, but going past the setting I set it to. Odd behavior, I guess would be the summation.

    edit: I'm looking over the shots from a panorama now. After the above occurred, the rest of the bracketed shots are erratic in an order for the exposures.

  2. Avaviel reporter

    Ok, I've done something thinking. Here is what I think happens: For some reason, after taking a bracketed set, ML gets hung up on getting re-set for the settings the camera was on previously. For example, if the starting shot for a bracket was 1/16th, and then it messes up on a shot, it would start the next bracketed set at wherever it messed up, such as 1/32. This is troublesome for a panorama!

    That is where the extra exposures that I wasn't expecting to see came from.

  3. Alex

    Can you find a way to reproduce it?

    I get 9 shots, all properly exposed, and at the end it returns to your original settings.

  4. Avaviel reporter

    Taking the 9 bracket over and over as fast as you can should. That's what I do with panoramas in effect.

  5. Avaviel reporter

    Taking the 9 bracket over and over as fast as you can should. That's what I do with panoramas in effect.

  6. Alex

    And after how many bracketed shots it starts to fail?

    Looks like my 60D is going to require a shutter replacement soon :P

  7. Avaviel reporter

    Could it have anything to do with the other files on the card? Lately I've been simply replacing the main file instead of downloading the full update.

    I've noticed it seems to be more of a timing issue rather than a number of bracketed sections taken. I need to wait an unknown amount of time before I take another shot, as sometimes it has not switched modes yet. Though, I guess it may be number of shots, I'll test it the next time I'm with my camera (Later tonight? Hm.)

    My 60D is going to, for sure, require a shutter replacement! This is why I got that lovely warranty that I made sure does not have a shutter count rule.

  8. Avaviel reporter

    Alright, I think I've figured it out. When the buffer has less than the amount of images than the bracket requires, it takes a single image. Once the buffer is back up, it will take the bracketed shots.

    Edit: I've reformatted the card, reinstalled the Christmas Edition of ML. Tested that, same issue. Then, I installed the latest from twitter. ( Same issue.

    Wasn't there an issue similar to this in an older version? It seems like it needs a check to see if the buffer is full or something.

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi Avaviel, sounds like you are having the same issue with your 60D that I was having with any version of ML version past 11/11/11. I take 360 HDRI panoramas for visual effects work (ML makes this a breeze with 9 brackets) but I found that the Nov11 release was the only one that would consistently take the proper bracketed shots without errors. Errors in the field are not an option for me.

    I would love to take the HDR video feature for a test spin as well, but I love the stable 11/11/11 release too much to let it go just yet. Every now and again, I try newer versions, but it seems I still encounter the same issue of brackets misfiring or taken at the wrong shutter speed.

    FYI, I take the brackets in fully manual mode only, using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB 95MB/s card.

    Hope this helps Alex figure it out. :)


  10. Alex

    I've been able to reproduce it on my 60D, and now it seems fine. Also tested on 5D.

    This autoexec will ask for Lua extensions, but you can either take them from Sztupy's archive, or ignore the warning message at startup.

  11. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi a1ex, i just installed the update for my 60D and so far so good. Many thanks for the update... Will this autoexec be automatically included with the next update?


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