Bitrate capping in Qscale

Issue #1090 wontfix
Audionut created an issue


I would like to request bitrate capping in Qscale mode.

The reason being that a very safe Qscale setting for my card is -8. With a very bitrate hungry scene, this will peak at around 100mbps.

See example

The average bitrate in that example is exaggerated due to the large bitrate scene.

For instance, an indoor shot at -8

I would like to be able to use Qscale -10 or even -11 to bring the average bitrate up. However, in it's current form, this easily produces bitrate spikes that exceed the cards capability.

Of course, I could change Qscale for different scenes, but a set and forget setting for all occasions would be much better.

Also, Qscale has the advantage of adjusting bitrate, rather then just sticking with CBR.

Regards, Audionut.

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