5DM2 not starting anymore

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I managed to use ML for a few minutes but was very unstable.

So I decided to go back to firmware in set up menu to update again. When I ckicked OK the system freezed. I waited and finally switched OFF the camera.

It never started again. Here is my problem..

Any help please ?

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    it is really like dead is there not a reset button on the camera or any miracle thing to do ?

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    I did the troubleshoots. I took battery out (batt is fully charged)

    It does not start anymore.. it is like dead.

    So it is like i guess, you don't have solution. I am the first one as always to experience the worse :(

  3. Alex

    Please explain in detail what you did, what happened etc, since you have installed ML (starting with the install process, what functions did you use, what unstable behavior you noticed...). Even if it means writing a page.

    Please don't use ambiguous stuff like "I took everything out".

    If you don't provide proper information, I can't help you.

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    ok :

    I donated then was forwarded to a page where I could download the ML-5D2-unified-2011Dec22-EarlyPreview

    I update my official canon firmware from 2.0.9 to 2.1.1. All fine.

    This is how i remember it :

    I followed the video tuto + ML user guide to install the ML 22/12/12 firmware on my CF. All fine the first time it loaded. I switched off then start again. The cleaning cmos message appears and freezes. So i immediately switch off, then take off battery.

    I start again and the cleaning cmos message does not appear but i can go in menus andl all do my stuff.

    I switch off because i find it weird that the message did cleaning cmos did not show.

    And a blue led light keeps being on (the ligth of the button to switch to video mode)

    So i take off the battery. Start again. Cleaning cmos. switch off then start again no cleaning cmos message shows. I format the CF from the menu. And it reinstalls ur firmware. So i wait.

    I am not sure after. I think I switch off, put the CF in y computer to put the 2.1.1 off canon firmware to erase yours and go back to the official. I start the 5dm2 go gto menu update firmware menu click OK to update and it freezed there. I wait.... nothing still freezed.

    So i siwtched off and from there it is dead..

  5. Former user Account Deleted


    the 5dm2 just started again. in the menu the firmware show it is the official 2.1.1 but the camera does not it is asked to do.

    When i take a picture, in auto or manual mode, it takes like a 3 minutes before it stops taking the picture..

    What do you suggest me to do now it starts but does crazy things ?

  6. Alex

    So the only unstable behavior was the sensor cleaning message; this was fixed in a later update.

    Upgrading Canon firmware does NOT erase ML.

    Prepare a card with ML and start it again.

  7. Alex

    re: message #8


    Now update to a recent autoexec (anything from February), clear camera settings and start shooting.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    1/ the official installed firmware right now is buggy. i leave it ?

    2/ ML-5D2-unified-2011Dec22-EarlyPreview ?

    any link please february because sorry it is hard for me to navigate, english is not my language

  9. Former user Account Deleted

    You do know what you are talking about thank you so much for the great support.

    Please just a very last question! I have done all that for HDR video. I could not find a tutorial to set up HDR using the very rich ML menu. Have you got a link ?

    Thank you very much have a very nice day :)

  10. Former user Account Deleted

    Just a scary thing. when I click the button to switch to video mode nothing happens.

    (camera is on, all fine excempt video mode can't get the live view on and the blig click that we can hear when we switch to video mode)

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