HDR-Video& Highlight++ -issues

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Hello everybody,

here are two issues i found (5d2, 2.1.1, ML-unified, autoexec-version: Feb.13):

  1. HDR-Video does not work. After activating the HDR-Video function in the menue, the live-view image alters its brightness values (like the chosen iso-differences) in a frequency of about two seconds (two seconds darker exposure-level, two seconds brighter exposure-level and so on).

When i hit record, the display (and the recorded movie) only show the darker exposure-level, the brighter one is not recorded. When I "downgrade" to autoexec-Version Jan.26, the HDR-Video works just fine.

  1. Highlight++ does not work. When activating the Highlight++-function in the menu, the live-view-image shows (as expected) the pink "clipped" areas and the overall darker image. When i hit record, the Highlight++-function is like switched off: the display ( and the recorded movie) are brighter again and no extra highlight-values are recorded. (It is exactly the same like a recorded movie with Highlight++ switched off). In the menu, Highlight++ still shows as switched on. When i stop recording, live-view-image switches back to Highlight++-activated-look.

Thanks for this great tool, Sim

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