Install Magic Lantern in 5DMKII without battery in Camera Body.

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joeray created an issue

Hello Friends, I saw it was recommended that MK be installed with ONE BATTERY in camera body and not the battery grip that uses two batteries. I lost my battery cover when I installed the battery grip. When I tried to install MK with the battery grip, the green writing appeared telling me ML was installed but I got a flashing exposure meter that would not let the ML work. Any comments folks? Joe Ray at:

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  1. joeray reporter

    Hi Alex, It say's it's installed by the green printing that say's your installed but I annoy get into it nor can I get the template to show up. I saw that in the video that is on your website that there was suppose to have a ML logo upon startup. I get none of that. I had MK 1.9 installed and it worked great until Canon repair installed 2.1.1 I will keep trying. I sisn't know if I had to install this version without the battery grip on it. JoeRay

  2. joeray reporter

    I thankyou. I'll keep working on it tomorrow. I have to go out and perform my music gig tonight. Thankyou so much for your assistance. You are a real genius and I appreciate your willingness to help me. Peace, Joe Ray in Kenai River, Alaska

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi joeray! Did you turn the camera off after the green screen showed up? Turn the camera of, then on otherwise you can,t get pass the green ok screen? I even think that,s the instruction in the green screen?? Good luck, it,s a fantastic firmware, D

  4. joeray reporter

    Hello Alex and D, I returned to my 5DMKII today and I am pleased to say I was able to load ML successfully on all my SanDisk CF 64GB cards and I am reading the publication about this wonderful version of ML. I guess I was expecting this version of ML to work like previous versions like 1.9 from Trammell. This was my fault. I really look forward to accepting the challenge to become proficient. Alex and his team need to be commended for their expertise and great construction. I only wish I was proficient enough to be able to assist in the writing of this firmware. Nevertheless, I will be active in this group and assist or advise when I can. Alex, I will be making another donation later this week. Sincerely, Joe Ray from The Kenai River, Alaska

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