Magic zoom still flickering on 550d

Issue #1104 wontfix
pianoplayer created an issue

Hi, I have the latest build of ML and my magic zoom is still flickering severely. When I change the display to the Canon bars, everything works fine, but when I want the magic lantern interface, it starts to flicker. Thanks for your help

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  1. pianoplayer reporter

    version 22-12-2011 , in general this version works great by the way! Changing the size doesn't really help. The zoom box flickers, but also the bottom of the screen flickers heavely. Thank you for the fast response.

  2. Alex

    Try the experimental versions from February. I'll check it too, but I don't remember seeing it flickering on my cameras in 1080p.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    This sounds like a similar problem as in issue #1045.

    If this happens in movie mode, try recording a short clip first, and then check the magic zoom box again. If the problem is similar to what I've experienced, it should be fine now. Histogram should be fixed too, if it was shifting unreliably before. The problem will return when you restart the camera, maybe also if you exit the live view mode.

  4. pianoplayer reporter

    Fixed!!! I got the 18 february update and it works fine! Although some new things I noticed was the shutterspeed cannot be set to 1/48 anymore and some problems with changing the ISO but that's probably because it's beta, but the zoom works great! I'll keep you posted if I encounter any problems with the new build, keep up the good work! Thanks again!

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Glad to hear. The problem remains on 500D however, even with the Feb 18th autoexec.

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